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In This Episode Of CANDY VS CANDY….The Candy Buffet VS The Candy Favor

Personalized favors have been a tradition in weddings for many years but recently candy buffets have become more and more popular.  A worry with the favors is that guests may forget to take them or simply not like the particular objects.  They can also be costly and the process of getting them personalized can be tedious and take some time.  So what are the pros of having a candy buffet versus these favors?  Take a look at the list below:

1.  If you still want a personalized touch but without much hassle you can have tins, lollipops, or party favors, printed with the couples names or the date of the ceremony, etc. We offer many options, along with the capability to start from a clean slate so that you can create a beautiful customized candy favor , check them out here. Personalized candy favors can be a bit more expensive, but if you have a do-it-yourself attitude, you can have the intimacy of a personalized favor, while saving in cost

personalized tins pnghome.012.  A candy buffet or bar can also play an important part in the wedding’s decoration and or theme.  Candy bars are eye catching and will be an interesting addition to the decor when chosen with a specific color or idea in mind.  If the ceremony has a dominant color or preferred style, a candy buffet can certainly add to the theme without much effort.

Candy Buffet Display

3.  Buying candy online can be expensive but buying in bulk on can save you a great deal of money.  Once the candy is divided into individual jars it can go quite far.  Mason and apothecary jars can be also be purchased online with everything being delivered straight to your door.  If the couple were interested in the personal touch signs can be printed or drawn onto to DIY chalkboards.

Candy DIY Project

A candy buffet can offer both the personalized touch that is often wished for and the glamor of a sensational centerpiece that really wows the guests.  Even if guests don’t have a sweet tooth they  will be sure to take plenty of photos, or will be able to take candy home with them in adorable packaging.  The wedding reception should be just as sweet as the couple in love so why not indulge in a little post-wedding confection!


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